Referees for Partnership Calls

EURAMET uses impartial external referees to help select the very best projects to be funded. We welcome registrations from new potential referees.
We look forward to welcoming registrations from new potential referees to the Partnership and will publish background material for the Partnership soon. In the meantime please refer to the material on the EMPIR website here.
Associated documents for EURAMET referees when participating in evaluations

How to register

How to Register as a Referee

  • Please got to
  • First read Guide 8: Registering as a Referee for Partnership.
  • Download and complete the Referees Datasheet
  • Using the button in blue below, submit two documents:
    1. your completed Referees Datasheet
    2. and
    3. your CV (in English) including list of publications.

A unique submission ID number will be generated and emailed to you once you have successfully submitted your documents to us. - All documents are treated confidentially.

Note. Once you have registered you are eligible to participate in EURAMET events (e.g., review conference, mid-term reviews)