About EURAMET and our
metrology research funding programmes

A measurement infrastructure for Europe
EURAMET e.V. is the Regional Metrology Organisation (RMO) of Europe, representing a membership made up of National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and Designated Institutes (DIs). Our mission is to develop and disseminate an integrated, cost-effective and internationally competitive measurement infrastructure for Europe, considering the needs of industry, business and governments. Through knowledge transfer and collaborative research, we facilitate the cooperation of our members and associates in their dissemination of measurement standards and provision of metrological solutions to key societal challenges in fields such as health, energy and the environment. 

Impactful collaboration with industry and academia
Since 2007, EURAMET has operated a series of research programmes that enable our members to collaborate with each other and with industry and academia, to solve key challenges of metrological interest.  Combined, these programmes have already provided 1 billion euro of support; co-funded by the Member States and the European Commission as part of Framework 7 and Horizon 2020 initiatives.

The European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) funded 119 joint research projects and nearly 400 additional researcher grants, and the follow-on European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) resulted in 243 joint research projects, and the development of a number of European Metrology Networks. Case studies, of impressive range and significance in terms of impact, are available to read and download, each highlighting examples of the external benefits delivered by the EMRP and EMPIR programmes.

European Partnership on Metrology
In 2020, following on from EMRP and EMPIR, EURAMET proposed the European Partnership on Metrology to the European Commission (EC). In November 2021, the European Partnership on Metrology was approved and the regulation was published in the Official Journal. Next steps include negotiation of the Financial Framework Partnership Agreement with EURAMET for the implementation of the programme.

The Partnership will be co-funded by the Member States and the EU (under Horizon Europe) with an expected budget of around 690 million euro. Impacts expected for the Partnership include supporting a wide range of policies, commercial interests and advancement of key European challenges. It aims to break new ground by contributing to the development of self-sustaining, coordinated metrology infrastructures, able to continue joint research and innovation after 2030. The Metrology Partnership will create a sustainable and effective system for metrology at a European level that ensures Europe has a world-class metrology system that:

  • Provides metrology solutions, fundamental metrological reference data and methods, offering fit-for-purpose solutions supporting and stimulating European innovation and responding to societal challenges
  • Supports and enables effective design and implementation of regulation and standards that underpin public policies that address societal challenges

The Council and Parliament have passed the basic act which will form the legal basis for this research programme, and the participating countries named in the Draft Decision will submit the required commitment letters. EURAMET published documentation for Partnership Calls in 2021 and 2022. These documents are not yet approved by the Commission nor will they lead to a binding decision by EURAMET e.V. for any further negotiation or funding. All published guides and templates are subject to amendment by the EC and EURAMET e.V. as further information becomes known.

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