Metrology Partnership -
Industry Call 2023

Where to find Selected Research Topics (SRTs)
SRT-i01 QKD next generation metrology - supporting QKD networks deployment 169.63 KB
SRT-i02 Flow measurement traceability for hydrogen in gas networks 174.33 KB
SRT-i03 Metrology for electric vehicle charging systems 170.75 KB
SRT-i04 Advanced magnetic metrology for industry 192.01 KB
SRT-i05 Application of digital metrological twins for emerging measurement technology in advanced manufacturing 169.38 KB
SRT-i06 RF key quantities for 6G development 169.7 KB
SRT-i07 Small electrical current metrology for industrial applications 198.11 KB
SRT-i08 Dynamic and rotating torque measurement in test benches for a net zero future 186.23 KB
SRT-i09 Traceable machine vision systems for digital industrial applications 170.56 KB
SRT-i10 Multidimensional optical diffusion for the measurement of appearance 174.13 KB
SRT-i11 Metrology for static and dynamic characterisation of supercapacitors 170.73 KB
SRT-i12 Metrology for food safety in the circular economy - targeted and screening methods for contaminants in food and recycled packaging 194.91 KB
SRT-i13 Metrology for advanced photonics 172.44 KB
SRT-i14 Metrology for green maritime shipping - Emission control through traceable... 175.85 KB
SRT-i15 Metrology for the quantification of non-exhaust emissions for improved product formulation and Euro 7 compliance 172.91 KB
SRT-i16 On-wafer microwave metrology for future industrial applications 168.9 KB
SRT-i17 Thermometry with embedded SI traceability for industrial applications 184.7 KB
SRT-i18 Automatisation of calibration at nanoscale with bottom-up traceable standards 172.05 KB
SRT-i19 Manufacturing of commutable calibrators and quality control materials for standardisation and post-market surveillance of IVD tests 176.01 KB
SRT-i20 Radon metrology - Sensor networks for big buildings and future cities 186.57 KB
SRT-i21 Electric energy and supply reliability 167.32 KB
SRT-i22 Nanometrology for consumer products 201.07 KB
SRT-i23 Metrology for decarbonising the gas grid II 171.29 KB
SRT-i24 Metrology for smart water supply networks 169.78 KB

Call for proposals (Stage 2)

Opening Date: 23 June 2023
Closing Date: 2 October 2023 (23:59 CEST)

EURAMET e.V. invites consortia to submit joint research proposals against selected research topics (SRTs).

Partnering meetings serve as a platform to build consortia for addressing a particular SRT. In association with these meetings, training for potential coordinators is also provided.

How to submit a proposal

Submit a proposal

To submit a proposal please upload one zip file, no more than 6MB, by the deadline of 02 October 2023 23:59 CEST, containing the following documents:
- Template 4: JRP protocol (as .docx file)
- Template 5: Project Administrative Data (as .xlsx file)
- Form 4a: Ethics issues self-assessment form (as .xlsx file)
- Annex to Form 4a (as .docx file) if required due to answers in Form 4a
- Letters of support (collated together as a single unsecured .pdf file), optional

Stage 1 Call 2023 - archived

Opening Date: 11 Jan 2023
Closing Date: 20 Feb 2023 - 23:59 CET

EURAMET e.V. invite interested parties to submit Potential Research Topics (PRTs) in line with our Call Scope.

The Call for needs (Stage 1) offers the chance for all stakeholders from any country to influence the research projects undertaken by the European metrology community by identifying the challenge, problem or opportunity for potential research topics (PRT).

The outcome of the Call for Needs will serve as a basis for a Stage 2 Partnership call later in 2023 for joint research proposals.